Online minesweeper

online minesweeper

Multiplayer online Minesweeper similar to the classic Minesweeper Game. The goal is to clear all of the mines by placing flags on them. Sweep those mines!. Simply the best Minesweeper. All game modes are compatible with online rankings; compete with players all over the world for the highest scores!. Original and best Minesweeper game from Windows. Play instantly in the browser. Score the most points by clearing mines without hitting a bomb. Tritt man hingegen auf eine Mine, ist das Spiel verloren. We recommend that you upgrade to one of the following browsers:. Each square will have one of the following: Klicken Sie einfach auf die Bilder unterhalb. Kamil Muranski 44 9. Download Mozilla Firefox Download Google Chrome. Build an entire community in the Middle Ages. If someone out there is an expert in Javascript and 'touchstart' and 'touchend' events, please get in touch: The real way to win is open all the non-mine squares. Marking a square with a question mark. This version I've created pink star tattoo very inspired by the version that shipped with Windows 95 - Windows XP. Opening all remaining adjacent squares to a number square. Right clicking cycles through the following states: Dann spielen Sie doch einmal gegen echte Gegner! Question marks are useful to mark squares you're not absolutely sure are mines, but want to make sure you don't accidentally open them. This website uses cookies for statistics, advertising, game scores and more. Kamil Muranski 10 3.

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Kamil Muranski 43 7. The standards have moved on since then but with only a few tweaks the game continues to work well in modern browsers. Sind Sie ein ein Minesweeper-Profi? Marking a square as a mine. The longer the streak without touching a bomb, the more points you gain. OTHER GAMES Minesweeper Sudoku Triangles Yahtzee. online minesweeper This can be used to gain a tiny bit of speed if you're trying to improve your time: Shep Poor Based on Microsoft Minesweeper Win 3. In this case you know that none of the adjacent squares have mines, and they will be automatically opened as well. Um das ganze noch etwas spannender zu machen läuft auch eine Uhr mit. You've won the game when you've opened all squares that don't contain a mine.


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