Battlefield 2 walkthrough

battlefield 2 walkthrough

See our member submitted walkthroughs and guides for Battlefield 2. Help for Battlefield 2 on PC. More help, hints and ID, Walkthrough, Size, Version. For Battlefield 2: Modern Combat on the PlayStation 2, GameFAQs has 3 FAQs (game guides and FAQ/ Walkthrough (XBOX), 12/10/05, venganz, , K. Help for Battlefield 2: Modern Combat on PlayStation 2, Xbox, Xbox More help, hints and , FAQ/ Walkthrough (Xbox) by venganz | Dec 16th. If you're comfortable with running in a smaller squad, then it can be helpful to mount up in a three-man FAV and using it to travel from point to point, with the squad leader dropping off soldiers outside a base, then waiting for them to gauge its defenses before heading in. In addition to battlefield 2 walkthrough assault weapons and grenade launchers, assault troopers also get a single smoke grenade as part papas pancakearia their kit, which can be useful to cover up an assault, especially when you're about to bring a whole squad into the area around a flag. If your enemy comes along and destroys pushy lite artillery, then, you can just drop a supply crate on top of it and it will eventually be repaired thanks to the magical power of automatic replenishment! The support class is a new addition to the BF2 universe, and fills the heavy weapons role in battle. Crash Bandicoot Hints and Guide Nex Machina Walkthrough and Tips The Floor Is Lava Hints and Guide. You can expect that to be the first place for enemies to look if they come after you, so stay on your guard. Commander Mode In addition to the new squad abilities, each team in Battlefield 2 will be able to elect a single commander to lead their efforts. If they happen to turn down your orders, or if the order times out, check out their situation on the map; they could be in trouble. Still, this is a quick and easy way to let him know of your needs. Artboard 6 Copy 4. This requires some pretty close coordination, obviously, but is perfectly doable, especially if you're coordinating yourselves via voice communication. It also has a fairly wide spread when fired at medium range, which is somewhat helpful when dealing with quick-moving aircraft, but which can make it difficult to hit incoming troops. Artboard 6 Copy 6. Copyright , IGN Entertainment, Inc. In addition to their assault weapons and grenade launchers, assault troopers also get a single smoke grenade as part of their kit, which can be useful to cover up an assault, especially when you're about to bring a whole squad into the area around a flag. Bad Company 2 Wiki Guide. As mentioned, though, a tank and even an APC won't be destroyed by a single missile, so you'll need to hit them multiple times with missiles before they go down.

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Of course the caveat here is that, to revive your teammate, you'll have to enter a portion of the battlefield that hosted some form of deadly threat within the last fifteen seconds; proceeding recklessly in the direction of dead allies will generally result in you getting yourself shot up along with your friend. This is something of the opposite problem as that found in Battlefield Vietnam, where the M60 was capable of firing in tight circles at long range, and was so overpowered that it eventually got nerfed in a patch; the poor accuracy of the support weapons in BF2 is likely a reaction to this. They're great for use against enemy soldiers, and you can sometimes rack up multiple kills by landing one on an enemy fast attack vehicle. Haben Sie alle Gegner erschossen, müssen Sie ein Stück zur nächsten Deckung vorwärts gehen, damit neue Soldaten kommen. The other aspect of leadership that is critical to get a handle on is the fact that you're generally not going to want to be in the thick of battle, and will instead be better off letting your teammates head for a flag and capture it. Each of the sides is comparable in technology and equipment, so you're never going to be disadvantaged if you choose one side over another, although they do have different weapons and vehicles, so you may notice some differences in your equipment when you switch from side to side. These won't explode on impact like the grenade launcher's will, though. Artboard 6 Copy 4. Sitemap Advertise Minecraft diamond farm Careers Privacy Policy Ad Choice Terms of Use. There are air superiority fighters, which possess six air-to-air missiles and two ground-target bombs, and versatile jets, which usually pack four AA missiles and five bombs. Wir zeigen Ihnen wie's geht. Issuing Commands As a commander, you can issue commands. Luckily, APCs are fairly handy offensively, in that they pack a driver-controlled cannon that can take down infantry in just a hit or two, and which can penetrate tank armor and take down helicopters if fired long enough. Zielen Sie auch auf rote Fässer: Since equipment destruction messages are relayed to all members of a team, though, they'll likely come looking for you as soon as you blow something up. Attempting to run out and revive them will give whomever killed them a free shot at you. Privacy Policy Terms of Service.

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battlefield 2 walkthrough


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